notice: this is a demo. if you download the swf, you don´t have to choose a URL like in this case.

For example you can use this swf on your myspace profile.

For more Info visit my project-page.

sourcecode will be published soon. stay tuned :)

Please choose
a RSS Feed

wordpress feed (RSS 1.0 or higher)

use a proxy

if you dont have access to your wordpress host (to install a crossdomain.xml)

press go

site will reload.

how to install

the RSS-FEEDER is easy to install.
you only need some webspace for the swf file.

Note: if you have turned on the proxy, the content of your RSS-FEED will be tem-psaved on my server.
This is necessary to prevent the cross-site security issues.
No data will be saved.
If you disable the proxy-function, you have to install a crossdomain.xml on your server.


if you disable the proxy-function (in the embed-code: &proxy="false"), you have to place a crossdomain.xml on your server.

Please remove the space between "< ?" if you copy this code out of this textbox.

wordpress plugin

solverat | RSS-FEEDER anywhere v1.0

  • » download .swf File.
  • » upload swf to a server.
  • » copy code below:
  • » edit code
  • » have fun
  • crossdomain (only if you disable the proxy function):